Posted by: itm2011 | May 18, 2011

Coca Cola Brand Fan or Brand Foe (Brief)

In Los Angeles, California 29-year old Dusty Sorg and his 28-year-old friend Michael Jedrzejewski both in the entertainment industry decided to create a brand page on Facebook. In August 2008 they created a page for Coco-Cola because they had one in their possessions. They burrowed the company’s name, logo, and imagery with the company’s knowledge. But to them this seemed common since there were already so many brand pages honoring Coca Cola. So when the page acquired 1.2 Million fans within the first three months, this was not expected, but quickly became a problem. Facebook executives informed the Coca Cola Company (TCCC) inform them the site violated their terms of service. They wanted to know how Coco Cola wanted to deal with the matter.

Coke already had people and a department to address advertising, integrated marketing communications, and changing communications landscape. Wendy Clark said, “creating effective marketing at a local level in the absence of global scale can lead to huge inefficiencies.”

Social media and the internet has brought many positive attributions but also ave caused problems. The problem in this case need to be solved by Coca Cola. Because even though a fan started it they have to finish it. They have to consider their brand image and customer reactions among other things. What should they do.


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